Summary :

The reduction in net dorsiflexion moment found in open-toe footwear, especially flip-flops, may suggest decreased muscle activity of ankle dorsiflexors in early stance.

Our joint moment results showed that peak dorsiflexion moment in early stance was greater in sandals compared to barefoot and flip-flops, but smaller in barefoot, flip-flops and sandals compared to shoes .

There is changes in hip, knee and ankle angle in different flipflop, sandals and barefoot walking. When you start gait rehabilitation, clinician should consider footwear pattern to enhance performance.

In this article, author measure effect of kinematics and muscle action during walking when you were flip flops, sandals or walk on barroom.

The findings of this study may be helpful to researchers and clinicians in understanding the acute effects of open-toe and barefoot footwear on lower extremity mechanics during level-walking in healthy adults.

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