D’Onofrio R., Tamburrino P., Pintus A,   Manzi V. , Bovenzi A. , Pondrelli G., Tucciarone A.

Ita J Sports Reh Po 2017;4; 1  ; 681  – 700

ISSN 2385-1988 [Online ]  IBSN 007-111-19-55

Abstract :

Purpose:   The purpose of this article is to evaluate, through a review of international scientific literature, the state of the art of the Excentric Decline Single Leg Squat described as a tool for rehabilitation and prevention for athletes with rounded tendinopathy.

Criteria and  Methods: Authors have reviewed the literature using Clinical Queries by choosing a “Broad Strategy” and also using MeSH Terms combined with Boolean operators “AND” and “OR” and “textwords”. They were explored as PubMed and PubMed Central databases to identify articles that met the inclusion criteria. The included studies were evaluated on the methodological quality and data was summarized. 41 articles were considered valid for the purpose of the clinical and therapeutic management of Jumper’s Knee-JK and validated in relation to the applicability, safety and efficacy of eccentric exercise.

Results : All included studies have shown that eccentric training and in particular 25th Eccentric Decline Single Leg Squat play an important role in the treatment, conservative, of Patellar  tendinopathy. Although the results, after 12 weeks, should be interpreted and studied individually, the effect of treatment may be estimated with a significant improvement in knee and pain function (60-80% of patients)

Conclusions: We can state That in clinical rehabilitation practice the Eccentric Decline Single Leg Squats at  25 ° is a highly effective and modular tool in the management of the athlete’s sports with Patellar Tendinopathy  The eccentric exercise on a plane declined in relation to the literature from We scans, decreases pain, improves joint function and athletic technical skills but, we must point out, as the times (12 weeks of eccentric treatment) for the return to full agonistic activity highlighted by the literature remain in our view objectively long .