ACL rehab protocol must be tailored made.

Why this study relevant?

Many of the reviewed ACL rehabilitation protocols recommended treatment modalities that  current research doesn’t support.

it is very important That a high variability in content and time scales of rehab components existed, which can be confusing to both patients and therapists.


Many orthopedic protocols following ACL reconstruction exist, however they all differ slightly in quality and content.

Makhni et al. (2016) assessed both the quality and variability across ACL rehab protocols published by academic orthopedic programs.

Each protocol was assessed for inclusion as well as exclusion of various rehabilitation components and the timeframe, depending when those activities were initiated in each protocol.

What the research find out?

42 protocols were included for review.

From the 42 protocols reviewed, recommended components included:

  • Pre-habilitation programs: 13 protocols (31%).
  • Post-op CPM usage : 5 protocols (12%).
  • 11 protocol (26%) showed partial or non–weight bearing immediately postoperatively
  • 10 protocols which utilise a secondary/functional brace (24%).
  • 8 protocol : Return to sport only after achieving specific strength and activity criteria:(19%) .

Considerable variation:

  • full weight bearing was initiation at 9 weeks.
  • Interestingly, strength and proprioception exercises specifically recommended.

Clinical implementation :

A tailor-made rehabilitation programme will be delivered according to the type of surgery the patient received. ACL rehabilitation protocol depending on tissue quality and surgery performed. There are many ACL rehabilitation protocol available on internet but they have their own view on it.

Above research has lots of variations ,it may not support to your patients surgery criteria.

Don’t stick with one protocol , it is tailored made Every patient is different for us.


Need ACL Pre/Rehab? 

: The Latest Evidence-Based Protocol .

  • Appropriate Timeframes
  • Essential Exercises
  • .Re-injury Prevention
  • Return to Play

Makhni et al., 2016. Quality and Variability of Online Available Physical Therapy Protocols From Academic Orthopaedic Surgery Programs for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. J Arthro & Related Surg. 32(8), pp. 1612-1621.