Wearing tight jeans has become fashion now a day. But there lies potential in wearing tight jeans regularly as it alters the lumbo-pelvic rhythm significantly.
If a person’s LPR remains disturbed for long tome it may cause LBA and person may become prone to get IVDP.

Disturbed LPR due to wearing tight Jeans creates abnormal movement pattern at the neurological level. This causes LPR to remain disturbed even when the person is not wearing tight Jeans.

Studies show that while doing trunk flexion, lumbar flexion increased significantly while wearing tight jeans compare to wearing loose clothes and hip flexion decreased significantly.

Exaggerated lumbar flexion may cause over stretching of posterior spinal structures and may also put more stress on disc and/or apophysial joint. This may lead to LBA or IVDP.

Disturbed LPR may produce abnormal motor recruitment or muscle activation.
Thus people who have to wear Jeans regularly should consider the fitting of Jeans.

Clinical implementation :

Patients with extra lumbar movement and law hip movement while bending forward should be given hip strengthening as another study suggests that people who get back pain while bending forward have weak gluteus maximus. So strengthening of glut max should be considered.

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