Faulty movement cause sciatica : Part 2

Before following the treatment part for sciatica based on a faulty movement pattern, read our previous blog here.


Start with a knee to chest exercise because when the hip is relatively stiff, excessive load is generated in the lumbar spine. lack of movement occurs at the hip during the stance phase. without opening the hip joint, we can not reach a benchmark of the muscle activation pattern. whichever exercises you follow but those exercise movements should be in the pain-free zone.

We kept a link of exercises that we use in our routine practice if sciatica is due to faulty movement patterns. [restrict]

Cat and camel exercise: This exercise helps to open facet joint and relieve the nerve root pressure.

Knee to chest exercise: To improve hip mobility.

Transverse abdominus training

Oblique training

G max training

G med training

Hip and pelvis disassociation: perform Seated hip abduction movement, there should not be pelvic rotation.

If you find sciatica is due to faulty movement pattern than the above regime gives you good results. Results may vary from person to person. All the exercises are for information purposes only. The proper assessment required to start the above exercise program.

Video courtesy : Youtube [/restrict]

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