Purpose : This review aims to identify, through an analysis of literature, what are the rehabilitation and reconditioning processes for post meniscectomy sport. To propose some theoretical tools of scientific reflection to enhance the clinical / rehabilitative aspects of personalization of post-meniscal recovery program in relation to the joint environment and the femoral-tibial compressive forces.

Methods : For the purpose of this review of the literature, Peer-Reviewed and not Peer-reviewed journals have been consulted. The choice of articles was made taking into account the audit objectives that would provide an understanding of the information obtained from the current literature scanning. Studies have been identified by searching them on PubMED / MEDLINE Databases using the PubMed MeSH vocabulary first in a free search using Boolean operators and then through a combined search (MeSH + Free Search). Bibliographies included in the studies were examined to identify additional publications. Bibliographic research has also been addressed to the Gray Literature. In fact, publications and personal reports were included, acts of conferences of specific interest. Without limitations of year, range 1966 – 2015, all publications on: meniscectomy, compressive tibiopharyngeal force, osteoarthritis knee were examined.

Results. 73 scientific studies, scanned in a range from 1966 to 2015, were considered suitable, to develop scientific considerations and therapeutic addresses.

Conclusions : We can emphasize how tibial compressive forces are absolutely to be considered, as well as other therapeutic exercises, in rehabilitation and post-menisectomy reconditioning. These may be disruptive for structural and functional anatomy integrity on the knee joint when the athlete presents an early degradation of the joint knee.