Strong, Functional arch acts like suction cup

The arch is important structure in foot. Good arch provide support and prevent overuse injuries. When we talked about overpronated foot it is more chances of repetitive strain injury to the medial side structure of foot.

The human foot plays major role in allowing us to walk properly on surfaces and keep upright. While maintaining balance and stability with such a small base of support , it is important that your feet are doing their job.

Think foot acts like a tripod with 3 point of contact:

1) Base of big toe

2) Base of fifth metatarsal head


When human body requires additional stability in stance phase, hour foot should have equal pressure applied through these points into the ground. When we walk pressure applied on these points and you will activate a group of intrinsic muscles that act to root your foot and maintain stability.

When all these points acts in synchronize manner , foot acts as suction cup. It allows your foot quickly grip to the ground when stability is needed, whether you do dead lift, squat or any other lower limb exercises. Mostly psychometric exercise foot is major role plying.

We mainly concentrate on foot tripod activation during rehabilitation phase. We do assessment accurately and find the cause and working on missing link. Do not forget  to  rehabilitate tripod. That’s how we approach things in our clinic and we get results.

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