Time and strength: ACL rehabilitation

Clinical comentry:

Different sports place different demands on the knee. Achieving quad symmetry (greater than 90%) as well as waiting for 9 months has a significant reduction in the risk of re-injury.
Clearly there is something to do with natural healing of the graft and tunneled bone. However, allowing time without strengthening adequately also has its implications. Quadriceps weakness is also a risk factor for knee OA. Further highlighting the importance of thorough rehabilitation and quadriceps strength assessment. Postural control deficits and altered neuromuscular control of the hip and knee have also been found to predispose an athlete to a second ACL injury. Returning to sport earlier after surgery and having asymmetrical quadriceps strength prior to return increased the risk of knee reinjury.

Quadriceps strength is important part during ACL rehabilitation. One must concentrate to get optimal strength before start sports specific exercise.

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? Grindem et al (2016). Simple decision rules can reduce reinjury risk by 84% after ACL reconstruction: the Delaware-Oslo ACL cohort study. BJSMToggle panel: Podcast Episode Details

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